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Lify Smart Herbal Brewer- Smart, easy and personal

40 seconds herbal extraction technology I East meets West herbal formula I Made in Hong Kong, all natural, zero additives

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[Time-limited Offer] Lify Smart Herbal Brewer

$1,999.00 HKD $3,223.00 HKD

[Time-limited Offer] Lify Smart Herbal Brewer
[Time-limited Offer] Lify Smart Herbal Brewer [Time-limited Offer] Lify Smart Herbal Brewer [Time-limited Offer] Lify Smart Herbal Brewer [Time-limited Offer] Lify Smart Herbal Brewer

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The award-winning* Lify Smart Herbal Brewer is reinventing traditional herbal intelligence with technology, offering busy urban dwellers wellness insights and personalised herbal remedies in just 40 seconds. Pursuing wellness at every home and office has never been this easy!

*Winner of German Design Award 2020, European Design Awards and Good Design Award 2019

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Drop and brew solution delivering healthier beverages for life.


By using the Lify Wellness App, I can customise my beverage formula by adjusting the concentration and temperature. I can also choose beverages depending on my emotions and the weather on the day, making for a truly a tailor-made experience.

– Jackie, Yoga Trainer

I love tea (not milk tea) especially herbal tea. It is not easy to have access to different varieties of herbal tea. My needs for herbal tea change with my body signal. Lify works perfectly to cater to my needs. I find it super convenient when I can have my herbal tea in a couple of minutes. I don’t need to keep different teas and herbs which might end up wasted after being kept for too long.

– Jenny, Cha Enthusiast

Lify becomes one of my lifestyle gadgets even I m not a fan of tea. It integrates technology and health with innovative features, picking from a variety of tea according to your mood and needs on different days. It’s so convenient & easy. It’s also perfect for catering guests at any events!

– Charlotte, Speech Therapist

The Oriental Functional Series is good and makes me think of herbal drinks from herbal tea shops, but with the convenience of making them at home!

– Owen, Artiste/ Fitness Instructor

This is a great machine for someone who doesn’t drink coffee. As someone who doesn’t drink coffee, I was always envious of people and their Nespresso machines. I was so excited when I found out that Lify had made one for tea lovers! I was very pleased with the large selection of teas and found them all very tasty. And as an interior designer, I was glad to see that the machine was so aesthetically pleasing. I also found that this was a great tool to have while entertaining guests. My guests were able to choose their own flavour without waiting for very long. The greatest thing about this machine to me is the fact that their pods are biodegradable!

– Carmen, Interior Designer

Wellness is no longer just a wish, we guide you through your journey.

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We are your digitalised wellness buddy on Lify Wellness app.

Everything natural

100% natural ingredients sourced from the best parts of the world, mixed and assembled by us in Hong Kong.

Smart and happy brewing

Pop the disc into the Brewer - fresh wellness drinks full of concentrated nutritions ready in seconds.

Back by science

Our team of herbal scientists, Chinese herbal experts and nutritionists work together to create what you need.

Perfect infusion

Ultrahigh brewing pressure  for each individual blend to release its best nutritions.

100% plastic free

Lify at home is 100% plastic free. Our herbal discs are certified compostable.


Our team of herbal scientists and experts developed East-meets-West beverage recipes with certified natural ingredients from all over the world. Each Lify disc contain fresh raw herbs and teas mixture, ready to be infused with Lify smart brewer. Every Lify disc is compostable.

Lify blends

Wellness goes digital

Lify Wellness is a complimentary smart app that feels like a daily self-care companion right next to you. Whether you’re looking for weather-based drink recommendations, or simply just checking to see how each Lify beverage is designed for your specific need – Lify Wellness is here to tell you to drink smarter for better balance. Our Lify Score quiz learns about your wellness goals and get personalised recommendations based on your body symptoms and lifestyle behaviour. It tracks to help you grow together.

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Herbal discs that give back to the earth


Variety matters - over 13 natural blends and more




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