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Natural herbal beverages personalised just for you.

Inspired from oriental herbal wisdom

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Thats where Lify comes in..The award-winning Lify is the first of its kind smart wellness herbal beverage system that prepares nutritious natural herbal drinks from a single-serve Lify disc.

Wellness is no longer just a wish, we guide you through your journey.

Let Lify learn about you

We are your digitalised wellness friend on Lify Wellness app.

Personalised insights

Get your recommended wellness beverages, truly natural and backed by science.

Smart and happy brewing

Pop the disc into the Brewer - fresh wellness drinks full of concentrated nutritions ready in seconds. Review your wellness needs after a while and we adjust the offerings for you.

Your self-care moment

Drop and brew solution delivering healthier beverages for life.


Our team of herbal scientists and experts developed East-meets-West beverage recipes with certified natural ingredients from all over the world. Each Lify disc contain fresh raw herbs and teas mixture, ready to be infused with Lify smart brewer. Every Lify disc is compostable.

Lify blends

Wellness goes digital

Lify Wellness is a complimentary smart app that feels like a daily self-care companion right next to you. Whether you’re looking for weather-based drink recommendations, or simply just checking to see how each Lify beverage is designed for your specific need – Lify Wellness is here to tell you to drink smarter for better balance. Our Lify Score quiz learns about your wellness goals and get personalised recommendations based on your body symptoms and lifestyle behaviour. It tracks to help you grow together.

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A wellness companion

Taking care of you all the time

Herbal discs that give back to the earth


Variety matters - over 13 natural blends and more

Pre-order Starter Kit and be yours

Lify Smart Herbal Brewer 'Sip of Wellness' Starter Kit (PRE-ORDER)
Lify Smart Herbal Brewer 'Sip of Wellness' Starter Kit (PRE-ORDER) Lify Smart Herbal Brewer 'Sip of Wellness' Starter Kit (PRE-ORDER) Lify Smart Herbal Brewer 'Sip of Wellness' Starter Kit (PRE-ORDER)

The award-winning Lify Smart Herbal Brewer is your perfect wellness companion delivering carefully crafted wellness beverage under 1 minute of magic. This starter kit unlocks your journey to self-care and be mindful of what you drink, in order to achieve a healthier lifestyle. 

*Winner of European Design Awards and Good Design Award 2019

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