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Ethos - Backed by Science

 Herbal Wisdom- Backed by Science 

As a wellness tech and lifestyle brand, we are committed to deliver quality products, and that is why we have spent over the past 3 years doing research and development of Lify Wellness System. 

Carefully curated products

Many doesn't always mean better. We take careful steps to formulate our product selections based on both quantitive and qualitative researches. Our curated selections allows us to be deliberate, supported by scientific backing and a transparent ingredient supply chain. It also allows us to ensure all our products are properly verified and well tested before launching to the market.

Each of our blend contains more than 6 individual active components which mix together to deliver the most balanced outcome. We segment our herbs into categories based on its yin/yang character, active ingredient component extraction rate and its flavour in order to create a promising blend, which could be further recommended with the App's digital diagnosis engine.

Our team of herbal scientists, nutritionists and Chinese medicine experts are the key players in our early formulation development. Our team is growing and we are excited to explore different market needs and curate market-specific products based on local culture and ingredient sources.

Formulation mixing East and West wisdom 

We pick time-honored ingredients that are now backed by stronger scientific research to increase the acceptance of ancient medicinal herbs and teas as preventive medicine over the past decades. Instead of telling the story from our gramma's perspective, we take the new approach and translate the benefits in a presentative and understandable manner which are backed by herbal scientists and proven by research.

We create products that are effective for daily maintenance based on different body symptoms and lifestyle patterns. We choose raw, natural ingredients and study their formats before blending them to become a tasteful yet functional beverage. We are here to disrupt the ancient mysterious herbal remedies and demystify the wisdom to something we can understand and relate to. Each herb has its own character and we use its most beneficial component to create natural beverages that are the best every-day solution for the mind and body.

Sourcing only the best

Our R&D team take sourcing seriously because each ingredient being grown in a different region influences its chemical and physical properties. Take Ginseng for instance, we have studied more than 10 types of ginseng before settling with the right source from Canada only to ensure the ginsenoside content is at its optimum when being infused in our device. We also take into account the various level of bitterness in order to balance its taste delivered, making a health beverage (that sometimes could be unpleasant) enjoyable.

Produced right in the heart of our city

We have set-up our disc production facility right next to our R&D lab in Hong Kong for better quality control. We designed our production unit to be compact yet efficient, allowing us to supply freshly made herbal discs all around the world, door to door. Such flexibility allows us to react quickly with new product launch. Hong Kong is our home and it is also one of the largest port in the word in tea and herbal trade. We make use of our advantage as a trading hub, hence being able to gather only the best standard and quality of raw ingredients. Our R&D lab is based in Hong Kong Science Park, and we have both wet and dry labs to examine and improve our product continuously.

Sustainability at the core of Lify Wellness

We believe that caring for the environment is just as important as having self-care. Throughout our R&D process, we have developed a truly compostable herbal disc that can degrade naturally into pure water and CO2 over time, leaving no toxic as by-product. Such bio-based disc material consumes CO2 and generates little carbon footprint. Right now, we have obtained the OK COMPOST certification from TUV Australia. Our herbal disc have met the food safety standards, ensuring the ingredients are kept fresh and well protected for 24 months.

So how do I compost Lify Herbal Discs?

Your daily used herbal discs are made with bio-based material, meaning it can return back to the earth after its lifecycle. Throw your used discs in the compost pile. If your local community offers a composting service, we recommend using that for a quicker degradation. In the well-controlled composting environment, our discs will start degrading in the third month, and will be gone in 12-24 months depending on the actual environmental factors.