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Our Story

Team Lify

‘Lify’ – inspired from both ‘Life’ + ‘Healthy’, is exactly what we want to achieve – to let wellness be your daily lifestyle. Lify is designed not only as a product / brand, but also a personal and interactive companion that understands you and help you to be well.

Why we created Lify

We created Lify Wellness back in 2017 out of our passion to make healthier lifestyle accessible for all with our core practice to reinvent traditional wellness wisdom through quality wellness beverages, ethical sourcing and backed-by-science formulations.

Mazing, Connie & Ronald - Co-founders of Lify

We want you to be well

We create products that we ourselves would consume, and that means we never use anything nasty. We have spent the last couple of years to dig out the power of natural ingredients, and through our patented infusion technology developed in-house, we are able to deliver what we promise – purpose-driven beverages that only use authentic ingredients, dispensed in seconds.

We hear your needs

We develop formulas with our in-house experts (TCM practitioners, Herbal scientists and tasting masters) answering the needs of modern dwellers like you, from helping you to calm, sleep, focus better, to protecting you from falling sick with immunity-boosting products. We also promise to only use compostable and eco-friendly herbal discs (also known as single-serve capsules / pods) to minimize the impact we have on the plant.

We care about your lifestyle.

We know that sustaining a wellness lifestyle is when our products are truly loved by you. We want our products to be both the heathier and tastier alternative to your other options. We work with the highest quality ingredients across the globe and create hundreds of formula variations for taste-testing just to get it right.

We also work with recipe collaborators and chefs to incorporate our products into day-to-day recipe ideas so that you will never be bored with our limitless ideas. Check out our growing recipes now!