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Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Tips during Novel Coronavirus Outbreak


The outbreak of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus has gotten many of us very concerned lately. While it is essential to avoid contact with the virus by practicing good personal hygiene and refraining from going to crowded places, health practitioners also stress the importance of keeping our immune system strong through healthy lifestyle and dietary habits.

From a Traditional Chinese Medicine point of view, the Novel Coronavirus is an infectious disease related to toxic dampness (濕毒疫癘之氣). Foods and herbs that cleans the lungs and support the spleen (清肺健脾) are recommended to guard against this type of disease.

Lify's blends, inspired by East-meets-West herbal wisdom, contain different functional herbs that help bolster health in specific parts of the body. Based on advice from our Chinese Medicine experts, these are the blends we recommend in a time when everyone should stay extra strong and healthy.

Aged citrus peel may help remove phlegm and support the spleen

Me-time, Sleep
Chamomile may help clear the lungs and remove toxicity

American ginseng may boost the immune system

Consult a TCM practitioner if you are interested in incorporating more traditional Chinese herbs into your health routine. 

As always, stay well-rested and hydrated to keep your body in its best condition. Monitor your health and see a doctor if you display any symptoms of infection. 

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