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Lifestyle tips to strengthen your immune system

As mentioned in our last blog post, it is important to adopt a healthy lifestyle to help keep our immune system strong against infectious diseases. Other than having a balanced diet appropriately supplemented with functional foods and herbs, we should also uphold healthy habits including sleeping sufficiently, being physically active, and maintaining a relaxed state of mind. We’ll explain why as well as how you can better achieve the benefits with the help of some of our herbal blends.

1. Sleep

Sleep has always been associated with body repair and recovery. Recently, researchers from Germany have found that good quality sleep improves immune cells known as T cells that fight against virus-infected cells. The study found that stress hormones inhibit the ability of T cells to “stick” to the infected cells to kill them. When the body is asleep, stress hormones dip and the T cells work better.

We recommend SLEEP & ME-TIME

They consist of Chamomile which is known to help with sleep and relaxation.


2. Physical exercise

We all know that regular exercise keeps the body healthy. When it comes to the immune system, studies have found that moderate-to-vigorous intensity exercise of less than 60 minutes boost immune function by improving circulation of immune cells. In contrast, high intensity training and competitive events together with the associated stresses can be linked with negative impacts on immune function and health. 

We recommend BOOST

American Ginseng aids stamina and endurance. It is also known as an adaptogen that helps the body counteract stress.

3. Relaxation

As mentioned above, stress has been found to have negative effects on our immune system. With the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, we are understandably worried and anxious. While we take precautionary measures to keep ourselves safe, it is also important to keep calm. Give yourself some quality time to unwind and unplug from the information overload. No, you don’t need to check the news and social media every 5 minutes.

Meditation is a great way to slow down and become more mindful. It is also the perfect thing to do when you are staying at home. We have just launched Digital Mindful Escape - a guided tea meditation programme that can be paired with our herbal teas for a holistic wellness experience. Brew a fresh cup of tea, find a quiet corner and play our 5-minute audio programme to relax your mind and nourish your body.

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To help relax and unwind, we recommend FLOW and GARDEN

Osmanthus and Lavender can help calm the nerves and ease anxiety.



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