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Herbal Blends for Every Dad Style

Young dads, experienced dads; granddads, dads-in-law; working dads, stay-at-home dads... Dads of all types and styles deserve our gratitude and care.

Pamper them this Father's Day with Lify - the smart herbal wellness companion that will help take care of the most important men in your life.


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As a personalised wellness solution with 13 scientifically formulated blends serving different wellness needs, Lify has something for Dads of every lifestyle. We've come up with a few common “Dad Styles” and the blends most suitable for them!


He spends long hours at work and is always on the go.

He needs to keep his energy up while relieving stress to stay productive and healthy.

Picks for him: 

ENERGYEnergising, anti-inflammatory

SLEEPCalming, antioxidant


He likes having fun and enjoying good food, a drink, and hanging out with his buddies.

He needs to keep his body in balance with regular detox.

Picks for him:

TEATOXDetox, balance the body

SOOTHNourish lungs & liver, sooth  throat, lower blood pressure


He enjoys sports, the outdoors and all kinds of adventures that keep him active and challenged.

He requires power and stamina as well as remedies for physical stress.

Picks for him:

BOOST - Boost immunity & vitality, combat fatigue

SUNSET - Ease stress, lower blood pressure, anti-inflammatory


He appreciates the finer things in life: art, music, history etc. and can spend hours studying his interests.

Mellow flavours in a calming cup of tea will put him in the perfect mood to savour the things he loves.

Picks for him:

FLOW - Ease anxiety, aid digestion

SELF-CARE - Antioxidant, boost brain function



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