Lify Wellness


What is Lify?

Lify is a wellness tech innovation company creating new ways to practice welllness and healhiter lifestyle with natural herbal beverage remedies. The first offering, Lify Smart Herbal Brewer, is the world's first wellness beveage solution designed to pepare high quality herbal teas and beverages under one minute a tthe touch of a button. 

Lify is currently based in Hong Kong, under the government's incubation scheme at the Hong Kong Science Park.


How does Lify work?

Lify is an ecosystem consisting of three parts: a smart connected brewer, a proprietary disc and a digital app to deliver recommended welness drinks to you. First, the Lify Wellness app understands about you and recommends wellness blends based on your overall body condition and wellness goals. Then you can order our single-serve Lify tea discs and have them delivered to your home or office to start purusing a healthy drinking habit.


How many Lify blends are available?

Lify currently has 3 collections: Herbal Wellness Series, Fruit Tea Series and Functional Tea Series, a total of 13 blends available.


How frequently should I consume Lify beverages?

We recommend consuming at least two wellness drinks per day in order to meet your daily target.


Does Lify only make tea-based beverages?

No. Besides tea, Lify has carefully crafted a variety of caffeine-free herbal drinks and functional beverages as well to suit different purposes and needs.


CanI adjust the size and brewing method of my drinks?

Yes. With our Lify Wellness app, you can brew according to the best preset brewing method already set and recommended. You may also choose to adjust your brewing temerpature, infusing time and size of the drink.


Are the discs environmentally-friendly?

Giving back to the Earth and care for the nature is at Lify’s core brand value.

Therefore, our Lify discs are made from bio-based material such as sugarcane and corn.

They are compostable within 2 years into biomass, carbon dioxide and water, leaving no toxic as by-product. Such bio-based disc material consumes CO2 and generates little carbon footprint. Right now, we have obtained the OK COMPOST certification from TUV Australia.


Do Lify discs expire?

Due to the composability of our discs, we provide ‘best used by’ dates on the discs - 12 months after production.


Where can I purchase a Lify Smart Brewer?

The Lify Smart Brewer will be available in Hong Kong in October 2019, and will be rolling out to additional markets in early 2020. Hong Kong residents can order the brewer and discs online or purchase at selected Lify pop-up locations in Hong Kong. For more product launch updates and offers, please join our wait list for further information.


Does my brewer come with a warranty?

Each brewer comes with a 12-month warranty. For any customer enquiry, please contact us at


Does my brewer come with any discs?

Depending on different packages, the brewer may come with discs as complimentary items. Please study the product specifications carefully before purchase.


Where can I get the Lify Wellness app?

 You will be able to download the Lify Wellness in the Apple App Store (for iOS) and Google Play store (for android) once available in late 2019.


What does Lify Wellness app do?

 We designed the app to help you get the most of your Lify Smart Brewing experience. The wifi-enabled app is a platform for controlling the brewer, checking the status, and getting drink recommendations based on weather forecast and individual body conditions