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Lify Smart Herbal Brewer Long COVID Relief Pack [中醫師推薦 - 舒緩長新冠症狀套裝]

$2,279.00 HKD $3,503.00 HKD

由佘曉怡註冊中醫師擔任顧問,Lify 推出限時舒緩長新冠症狀套裝

Lify 智能草本沖泡機 (純白色) :

○ 1分鐘內沖泡出新鮮養生茶 (配合Lify草本茶餅)
○ 以應用程式 (Wifi連線) 控制,個人化沖泡口味 (智能沖泡模式)  (NOT AVAILABLE AT THE MOMENT DUE TO SYSTEM UPGRADE)
○ 單鍵一按即沖 (手動沖泡模式)
○ 專利高壓萃取技術,以 5 - 30 倍速度萃取天然草本
○ 其他智能功能 (App操控): 減壓LED燈 (配合呼吸放空),加水/茶餅清理/機器清洗提示


長新冠症狀 - 腦霧,疲倦

○ ENERGY薑黃力量:舒緩發炎情況,改善血液循環,增加能量。

含以下科研草本:薑黃, 肉桂, 紅茶, 可可果皮, 甘草, 黑胡椒 

長新冠症狀 - 咳嗽

○ 羅漢果夏枯草淨體配方: 清熱潤喉止咳,滋養及平衡內臟功能。


羅漢果, 夏枯草, 菊花  *不含咖啡因

長新冠症狀 – 失眠

○ 洋甘菊睡眠配方:舒緩寧神,適合任何時間飲用,晚間為佳。


南非國寶茶, 洋甘菊, 蘋果渣, 茴香籽 *不含咖啡因

長新冠症狀 – 月經不調

○ 洛神花橙草本配方:舒緩放鬆,讓身心煥然一新。


洛神花, 玫瑰果皮, 甘草, 香茅, 蘋果渣, 天然橙味 *不含咖啡因

Brews fresh herbal drinks in 40 seconds with Lify Herbal Discs
Single-touch sleek operation (Manual Brew Mode)
Ultrahigh pressure infusion patented technology (5- 30 times raw herbal extraction efficiency)
Other smart features (Adjustable via App): Therapeutic LED for mindfulness, Alerts for water refill/ disc disposal/ rinsing cycle (NOT AVAILABLE AT THE MOMENT DUE TO SYSTEM UPGRADE)
2.4Ghz Wi-Fi enabled App control for personalised brewing (Smart Brew Mode) *Our product only supports 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi network, please make sure your home setting is compatible prior to your purchase (NOT AVAILABLE AT THE MOMENT DUE TO SYSTEM UPGRADE)


Model: LY001
Net Weight: 3.6kg
Brewer Dimension: 33(L) x 26.5(H) x 12.5(W) cm
Pump Pressure: 19 Bar
Power: 220-240V, 50/60 Hz, 1450W
Smart Mobile App: IOS/ Android
Colour: Pure White / Charcoal Grey

Lify Smart Herbal Brewer Long COVID Relief Pack [中醫師推薦 - 舒緩長新冠症狀套裝]

$2,279.00 HKD $3,503.00 HKD


Patented Lify bloom and brew herbal infusion technology to extract and release maximum flavours and active ingredients in 40 seconds. 

The Lify brewing system is engineered to infuse authentic ingredients with optimum temperature, infusion time and brewing pressure with 5-10x advanced active ingredient extraction.


Eco-friendly (made of compostable plant-based material) herbal discs engineered for perfect infusion with its unique filtration design, to be consumed with the peace of mind.

Each Herbal Disc brews a cup of wellness beverage up to 200ml and could be customised via Lify Wellness App.


Enable smart infusion fucntion with Lify Wellness App to customise your personal brewing preferences at just a touch away.

Control each brew's parameters precisely like a tea master.

Therapeutic LED and smart sensors

Design with the mission to promote a holistic wellbeing, the brewer is equipped with therapeutic LED breathing light for mindfulness with different oepration modes (steady/ breathing/ random).

Understands your unique needs

Get formula recommendations and customise your brew with the complimentary Lify Wellness App, from weather-based recommendations to invidual body condition and lifestyle pattern analysis, making sure you are always on track.

Award-winning design and innovations