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$140.00 HKD

Sooth - Lify Wellness
Sooth - Lify Wellness Sooth - Lify Wellness
CF Caffeine Free
Cold Cold in nature
Lowers blood pressure
Eases sore throat and dry cough
Nourishes the lung and liver

Monk Fruit Prunella Blend

14 Lify discs / tube

What’s in this blend?
A soothing blend to cool the body and help nourish and stabilise numerous internal organs.

What do I expect from this beverage?
A naturally sweet character from both herbs brings out a refreshing aftertaste

Ingredients list: 
Monk fruit, Prunella, Chrysanthemum

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Each herbal disc is filled with natural super plants sourced from the best parts of the worlds, produced in the heart of Hong Kong.

East & West wisdom and we only use backed by science ingredients.

Monk fruit

Monk fruit has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries to make hot drinks that relieve sore throats and clear heatiness in the lung. The fruit's mogrosides are know for its anti-inflammatory properties.


As a well-known Chinese medicinal herb to clear heatiness and detoxification, Prunella is widely used to fight inflammation.


Chrysanthemum (Ju hua) is perfect for helping to sooth allergy symptoms. Chinese medicine herbalists consider Chrysanthemum to be one of the top herbs to benefits the eyes and clear heat, making it perfect for combating dry and weary eyes.