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7月限定: 女士骨膠原護理茶筒組合

$392.00 HKD

Lify X SKIN RETREAT 限定女士骨膠原護理組合,包括:

  • 14 杯 全新「骨膠原薰衣草桑葚白茶 GARDEN+」養生茶
  • 14 杯 洋甘菊睡眠SLEEP配方
  • SKIN RETREAT美容概念店 免費皮膚分析+ 護膚療程( 總值超過港幣$1890) *只限10 名購買本產品組合客戶

選 護膚療程:

  • Hydrafacial 淨肌護理 ( 價值$1780)
  • 女神膠原激活槍 ( 價值$1890)
  • 機能排毒修身療程 ( 價值$1380)

於購買這產品後,你將會收到WHATSAPP 訊息/電郵通知進行預約護膚療程。 
SKIN RETREAT美容概念店位於 香港銅鑼灣 38 號羅素街金朝陽中心 19 樓
產品簡介 (養生茶配方):
Lify 的養生茶配方啟發自中西傳統草本智慧,每款配方均經由科研調製,針對多種不同的養生需要。

骨膠原GARDEN+薰衣草桑葚白茶 - 每杯含500毫克天然草飼膠原蛋白粉和豐富維他命及礦物質,以白茶作茶底,怡神的薰衣草花瓣和富含抗氧化劑的蘋果混合而成。

- 不含咖啡因的南非國寶茶代替紅茶,並配以洋甘菊及茴香籽等而成,於飲用後能令人身心舒暢,適合任何時間飲用,晚間為佳。
Lify 草本茶餅:
○ 以可分解的全環保植物物料製成,可於一般堆填區2年內分解, 方便又環保
○ 一個茶餅可沖泡一杯草本茶 (約200ml) 

7月限定: 女士骨膠原護理茶筒組合

$392.00 HKD


Patented Lify bloom and brew herbal infusion technology to extract and release maximum flavours and active ingredients in 40 seconds. 

The Lify brewing system is engineered to infuse authentic ingredients with optimum temperature, infusion time and brewing pressure with 5-10x advanced active ingredient extraction.


Eco-friendly (made of compostable plant-based material) herbal discs engineered for perfect infusion with its unique filtration design, to be consumed with the peace of mind.

Each Herbal Disc brews a cup of wellness beverage up to 200ml and could be customised via Lify Wellness App.


Enable smart infusion fucntion with Lify Wellness App to customise your personal brewing preferences at just a touch away.

Control each brew's parameters precisely like a tea master.

Therapeutic LED and smart sensors

Design with the mission to promote a holistic wellbeing, the brewer is equipped with therapeutic LED breathing light for mindfulness with different oepration modes (steady/ breathing/ random).

Understands your unique needs

Get formula recommendations and customise your brew with the complimentary Lify Wellness App, from weather-based recommendations to invidual body condition and lifestyle pattern analysis, making sure you are always on track.

Award-winning design and innovations