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(NEW!) Lify Qīng Mixed Superpowder Herbal Shot

$220.00 HKD

Lify Qīng Mixed Superpowder Herbal Shot - Rooibos Ginger
Relieve I Detoxify I Caffeine-free tea

Our NEW Mixed Superpowder Herbal Shots are created to help you easily incorporate superherbs into every part of your wellbeing. Mixes into cold / hot water or any liquid for a superherbal hydration. 35 servings per pack.

The Qīng Mixed Superpowder is an freeze-fried extract from the Superpowder Herbal Shot range which combines adapteogenic plants, caffeine-free Rooibos, superfruit extracts and collagen - detoxify the body, promote relaxation, antioxidant skin replenishment and overall wellbeing. Best for when you are feeling under the weather for a strengthening boost!

In Chinese medicine, QING stands for detoxification and clearing the internal body heatiness. Chrysanthemum is best known for liver detoxification and Ginger is used for balancing body dampness with its anti-inflammatory character. A total of 20000MG grass-fed collagen for better skin, nail, hair and joint support.

Rooibos extract, Goji berry extract, Ginger extract, Chrysanthemum extract, Grass-fed Collagen powder

Suggested Use:
Add 1/2 tea spoon to hot or cold water. Stir to drink. Add more for stronger taste.

If you are pregnant, nursing or have a medical condition, consult your physician before use.

(NEW!) Lify Qīng Mixed Superpowder Herbal Shot

$220.00 HKD

Supports Gut Health for Digestion

Tea and superherbs contain concentrated polyphenols which help support the growth of beneficial gut bacteria necessary for digestion.

Unlocks Plant-based Power

Studies have shown that the powerful antioxidants found in tea and superherbs, like EGCG catechins, flavonols and anthocyanins support healthy immune function.


Grass-fed collagen helps support healthy hair, skin, nail, bones and joints.

Validated by Experts

Formulated by herbal scientists and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, tested by Tea Sommeliers.


Proprietary Freeze-dried extraction technology preserves active health compounds at maximum potential.


100% absorbaility with no prepartion or brewing required. Flexible to add to any drink!


Tested to be free of pesticides, heavy metals and toxic mold commonly found in plants via certified facilities.