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$252.00 HKD

Boost Boost Boost

American Ginseng Tieguanyin

14 Lify discs / tube

What’s in this blend?
A preciously sourced and curated blend with the primary elements of American Ginseng and premium grade Tieguanyin Tea. These elements help to increase both physical and mental efficiency.

The wisdom behind this beverage:
○ Ginseng is considered as powerful adaptogen: tending to return the body to balance while increasing resistance to adverse influences on the body
○ Powerfully combats fatigues and exhaustion: Ginseng
○ Benefits brain function: Ginseng
○ Highly antioxidant and helps reduce body weight: Tieguanyin

What do I expect from this beverage?
A balanced and slightly floral flavour with the earthy undertone of Ginseng.

Ingredients list:
American Ginseng, Tieguanyin

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